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Our After Sales Service

If you become a client of David Cope & Partners Limited, there is an "after sales service".

You can contact us at anytime - by letter, telephone or electronic mail:

  • We will answer any general questions that you have on matters financial.
  • We will answer any specific questions that you have about your investment accounts.
  • We will not usually raise a fee for such contact, but if this was to change, no liability would arise until the basis of the charge was specifically agreed with you in advance.

In addition, if your investment portfolio through us amounts to 40,000 or more in value:

  • We will monitor its investment performance.
  • We will advise you if changes are needed and recommend alternatives.
  • We will review your general finances with you once a year.
  • We will assist you with the completion of any tax returns that you receive.

Annual reviews can be conducted at a personal meeting in our offices or by post - as you prefer. If you come to see us, the meeting will probably run for around an hour.

If you want reviews conducted more frequently than once a year, this can be arranged. However, we may need to agree an additional fee with you, depending on the circumstances.

Please refer to the following pages on this site for further details of our fees:

  • "The cost of our services new clients"
  • "The cost of our services ongoing"
  • "Adviser fees some examples