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An Introduction To Us And Our Services

We are Chartered Financial Planners offering individuals tax planning and investment advice:

  • We advise on extracting benefit from clients' past pension arrangements.
  • We advise on bank and building society deposit accounts for clients.
  • We advise on and arrange investments for clients.
  • Clients will be advised whether or not they have statutory cancellation rights.

Where investments are arranged on behalf of clients:

  • A timescale of at least five years should be envisaged.
  • The past is never any guarantee of the future.
  • Investment values will fluctuate in response to market movements and other factors.
  • The income produced from investments can also fluctuate in value.
  • It will always be possible to get back less than was originally invested.

We offer independent advice on investments on an unrestricted basis:

  • We are not obliged to promote any specific products and services to our clients.
  • We do not have any external shareholders.
  • We are not funded by loans from any investment institution or any other body.
  • We disclose any interest that we have in transactions undertaken for clients.
  • If a conflict of interest arises, we will resolve it to the clients' satisfaction or withdraw.

Our services are purely advisory:

  • We do not exercise discretionary control over clients' affairs.
  • We do not hold clients' money.
  • All deposits and investments are registered in the name of the client.
  • All ownership documents are forwarded to clients for their retention.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (our reference number is 147395):

  • We maintain professional indemnity insurance.
  • We also subscribe to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • We keep records of business transactions for at least six years.
  • In dealing for clients via third parties, we will always strive for "best execution".

We are members of the Personal Finance Society:

  • We adhere to their code of conduct and ethics.
  • We follow their programme of "continuing professional development" to ensure that we stay abreast of matters affecting the finances of our clients.

Our clients are classified as "retail clients" for regulatory purposes:

  • This gives them the highest level of protection in the event of a dispute.
  • Complaints should always be raised with us directly in the first instance.
  • A written acknowledgement will be given within five working days.
  • A full response will be made within eight weeks of our receipt of the complaint.
  • If that response is not satisfactory, the Financial Ombudsman Service will adjudicate.